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Become an OLAS Guardian ‘Recommended Installer’ & offer more value to your clients 


OLAS Guardian is a new wireless engine kill switch, developed and made by British marine technology experts, Exposure Lights. We are looking for reliable fitters to join our recommended installers list.  


Why recommend the OLAS Guardian to your customers? 

“The OLAS Guardian is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective wireless engine kill switch systems to date. Acting as a virtual kill cord, it stops the engine within two seconds of a person going overboard.”   

Powerboat & Rib Magazine, March 2020 

  • wireless engine kill switch – stops the engine within 2 seconds of a MOB 
  • connects to existing kill switch systems 
  • simple, fast wireless connections to OLAS wearable tags  
  • enables more freedom & safe movement around the vessel 
  • reduces risk of ‘forgetting’ to connect 
  • ability to maintain original kill cord 
  • connect up to 15 people – driver & crew 
  • suits boats up to 50ft 
  • straight forward installation 

Who can join the recommended installers list? 

We are looking for outboard engine servicers & fitters, marine electronics businesses and sole traders, boat brokers and manufacturers to join our recommended installers list.  


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