Your smart phone can now save your life - and spare you from your worst nightmare at sea!

A daunting new MOB video, shows how easily things can quickly go wrong, even in relatively calm conditions.  Exposure’s research revealed that typically many people experience the underlying dread “what would I do if my partner went overboard”.  So they can’t relax or rest when the other is on deck alone.

When travelling at 5 knots, within 5 minutes for sailing the yacht would be over 750 meters away. Visual loss of an MOB occurs at 300 meters, after 2 minutes of sailing.

If you don’t know someone has gone overboard then it is impossible to react, and quick reactions save lives.The fundamental message is ‘the sooner you know the sooner you can react.’

Pairing your mobile with an OLAS wrist tag creates a virtual tether. The App will instantly set off a piercing alarm if someone has gone overboard breaking the connection. The screens then clearly and simply direct you back to exactly the point where the incident happened.