As April approaches, the evenings get lighter, the winds get warmer and we all start to think about getting out on the water regularly.

Thank you for your patients. I would like to 'unofficially' give you some sneak shots of the OLAS tag and a quick update on progress as it stands. 

1. The Android app is nearing completion, and we continue to run rigorous testing with a planned launch within 2 weeks.

2. The iOS App reaches over 100 downloads as it is put through its paces before launching alongside the OLAS tag.

3. We have received the first set of moldings (pictured) making the OLAS tag a fully waterproof device.

4. Delivery of the OLAS silicone straps which can be used to attach the device to either your wrist or existing man overboard rescue devices.

For all of those who have pre-ordered OLAS tags via our website, we will be shipped from the 4th of April.

As always feel free to drop us a line or a message on social media if you have any questions. 

All the best,