1. Name: Mary Rook
  2. Nicknames: Mazzer
  3. Sport and discipline: Offshore Solo Sailing
  1. What USE/Exposure Lights products do you use? R.A.W Pro Head Torch, Verso Head torch, trim torches – action 9 and the XS work torch.                                                                                                 
  2. Which is your favourite USE/Exposure Lights product and why? Verso Head torch is just incredible, its so bright and comfortable that it works for the whole race.
  3. What do you like most about your sport? Being outside in the wind and waves, and the variety of conditions means no day is ever the same.
  1. What do you dislike most about your sport? There is no escape when it rains and snows! Brrrr!!
  1. Your greatest results and achievements: Member of the British Olympic Sailing Team, Winning the World Championships in 2011, 2nd Olympic regatta Hyeres 2014, 3rd British Woman to ever finish the Solitaire Figaro 2016
  2. Future events / campaigns planned: Currently campaigning the Figaro, 33ft boat alone against the world’s best solo sailors, for many days at sea, navigating some of the most treacherous and complicated waters on the planet. Making tactical and life saving decisions under extreme tiredness and fatigue.

How do you feel about Exposure Lights?

  • Exposure head torches are the best head torches on the market. They are tough, bright and comfortable. The light settings mean you can easily flick between red and white settings and really bright settings if required. I use mine mostly on the first lowest setting because its so good.  You can easily adjust the angle of the light if you need it away from the eyes of team mates or specifically focussed on a particular area. The torch is easily adjustable on your head and the wide band is super comfortable and light I often find myself forgetting I have it on and it’s the day time! It also fits around my bike helmet easily for winter commuting! I face tricky and testing conditions and the design stands up to them well, water proof and resistant to salt and dirt the charging point is well hidden so works really well. An absolute must have for night time sailing. 

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