1. 2018 Marine USB Charge Cable


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  2. Mounting bracket with silicone band for MOB Carbon

    The mounting bracket is design for the MOB Carbon and can be secured to any flat surface through the 2 x bolt holes recessed within the clip. The silicone band securely holds the MOB Carbon in place and the side clip allows attachment of the charging lead allowing the bracket to be used as a charging station.

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  3. Exposure Legband

    Elasticated leg band with sewn in durable reflective text for safety and silicone gripper strip for security. Can be used with headtorches, support cells and helmet lights (brackets required).


    HT-500, HT-100, RAW Pro and Verso.

    1.7Ah Support Cell, 3.1 Ah Support Cell and 3.4Ah Support Cell.

    Link, Link+, Switch, Sirius, Joystick, Axis, Diablo, Equinox. Need to get codes for the three brackets and put them next to these.

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  4. Exposure Headband

    Elasticated headband with sewn in durable reflective text for safety and silicone gripper strip for security. Can be used with headtorches, support cells and helmet lights (brackets required).



    HT-500, HT-100.

    RAW Pro and Verso.

    Link, Link+, Switch, Sirius, Joystick, Axis, Diablo, Equinox.

    1.7Ah Support Cell, 3.1 Ah Support Cell and 3.4Ah Support Cell.

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  5. Suction Cup Light Mount

    The Exposure suction cup mount adheres to any smooth surface, allowing you to light even the most hard to reach areas. With its lightweight and durable construction you can be sure it will hold when you need it. Utilising a 360° ball joint, this mount lets you quickly and easy adjust the angle on the fly.

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  6. OLAS Float-On

    The OLAS Float-On is a waterproof, floating pocket torch which uniquely integrates Exposure’s MOB technology and OLAS functionality in one product. A multi-functional safety aid for both novice and experienced boaters.

    Core advantages:

    • OLAS mobile app integration
    • Waterproof
    • Floating
    • Water activated strobe
    • Battery feedback
    • Fast charge
    • USB Rechargeable

    In the box: OLAS Float-On, Micro USB Charge Cable, User Guide

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  7. HT500 Head Torch
    SKU: EXPHT500

    Engineered to be a super compact and lightweight high power head torch, the HT500 emits up to 465 lumens from a single Cree LED. Protected in a lightweight aluminium head it balances power and weight perfectly. The ultra light carbon battery unit evenly distributes the weight between the font and back of the head. Combined with our sweat-wicking, reflective band the HT500 is very stable and easily adjusted with a front mounted switch. Exposure's patent-pending program selection and colour coded battery feedback allows you to fine-tune the light to your needs, whatever the length or terrain of your run.

     Built for trails, built by trail runners!

    In the box: HT500, Reflective Headband, HT GoPro Bracket, Velcro Strap, USB charge cable, Quick start guide and Exposure Lights Sticker.


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  8. Float-On QR Bracket

    Quick release bracket for the Float-On and OLAs Float-On. The bracket uses a silicone band to strap around bar or stanchion sizes 25-35mm diameter. The light can be stored securely above or below deck allowing quick access in an emergency situation.  

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  9. OLAS Tag

    The OLAS tag is a compact, ‘Smart’, man overboard system. It can be easily attached to adults, children, pets and objects such as overboard floatation devices. The tags connect to the OLAS application on a mobile device.

    Within 8 seconds of the man overboard incident occurring, the OLAS mobile application technology detects a break in its ‘virtual tether’ to the tag. The mobile phone(s) then sound a loud alarm, alerting crew to the fact someone is overboard. OLAS then aids the crew with the MOB recovery, clearly directing them to the GPS location where the MOB occurred with clear visual signals and bearing data. OLAS stores all location data and time of incident required by the rescue services.

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  10. RAW XS

    The RAW XS is a waterproof, light weight, high power white and red pocket torch. Engineered specifically to excel in the harsh marine environment, you can rely on it in any situation! Unique single click operation allows quick and easy access to both colour outputs and multiple power modes. A lightweight aerospace aluminium casing gives ultimate strength in a tough, unforgiving environment.

    Core advantages: ·

    • Red and white output
    • Waterproof - 5 meters
    • Single click operation
    • Battery feedback
    • High strength Aluminium construction
    • USB Rechargeable
    • 1.5 hour charge time

    In the box: RAW XS, lanyard, USB charger, Quick start guide.


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