OLAS Tags and the OLAS Float-ON pair with your device to create a virtual tether between your phone/tablet and crew members, children, pets or objects, such as a lifebuoy. When the virtual tether is broken; due to crew overboard the OLAS mobile application sounds an alarm at maximum volume.

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  1. OLAS Float-On
    OLAS Float-On

    The OLAS Float-On is a waterproof, floating pocket torch which uniquely integrates Exposure’s MOB technology and OLAS functionality in one product. A multi-functional safety aid for both novice and experienced boaters.

    Core advantages:

    • OLAS mobile app integration
    • Waterproof
    • Floating
    • Water activated strobe
    • Battery feedback
    • Fast charge
    • USB Rechargeable

    In the box: OLAS Float-On, Micro USB Charge Cable, User Guide

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  2. OLAS Tag
    OLAS Tag

    The OLAS tag is a compact, ‘Smart’, man overboard system. It can be easily attached to adults, children, pets and objects such as overboard floatation devices. The tags connect to the OLAS application on a mobile device.

    Within 8 seconds of the man overboard incident occurring, the OLAS mobile application technology detects a break in its ‘virtual tether’ to the tag. The mobile phone(s) then sound a loud alarm, alerting crew to the fact someone is overboard. OLAS then aids the crew with the MOB recovery, clearly directing them to the GPS location where the MOB occurred with clear visual signals and bearing data. OLAS stores all location data and time of incident required by the rescue services.

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