We are proud to announce our latest product development the OLAS Float-On has been nominated for #DAMEAward which will be held at Metstrade in 2 weeks time.

The prestigous design award for marine equipment is held on a yearly basis and comprises of advanced, technical and stylish products that have been relased over the past year. 

The OLAS Float-On is a 120-lumen waterproof torch, water activated floating strobe and man overboard alarm in 1 compact, cost-effective product. In an MOB emergency, if the light is worn by the MOB or thrown after the MOB it will trigger an alarm and record the GPS location on any connected mobile devices with the free OLAS app. 6 seconds after landing in the water the Strobe will illuminate for up to 20 hours.

Check out the video here. 

The OLAS Float-On will be available to order next month with planned delivery for early 2018.