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OLAS Animation

Breaking it down to its simplest form the OLAS animation clearly illustrates the 2 very differernt outcomes following crew overboard. 

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To read the full article from Yachting World's June edition click on the link below

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What's your worst nightmare at sea...?

Your smart phone can now save your life - and spare you from your worst nightmare at sea!

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Athlete Spotlight - Cecile Laguette

Exposure is a great brand, with a huge range of products. They are always looking at developing products and getting feedback from athletes to design the products to suits the sport best. It is great to be working alongside them and be able to use their products while I am racing!

Name: Cecile Laguette

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OLAS Launched on Google Play

We are happy to say that OLAS has been launched on Google Play and can be downloaded on any compatible Android devices. 

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So why did we develop OLAS...

Having been immersed in the yachting world for the majority of my life it was always apparent that the simplest products were generally the most effective and as a product developer the design acronym KISS is always in my mind – Keep It Simple Sai

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